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Find out how COST€R can help you estimate the production costs of an educational multimedia application!

To the experienced producer, COST€R offers an intelligent calculation tool which consists of a database containing all the costing information that you will need to come up with a reasonable estimate of the costs of your production. Up-to-date real costs and industry norms from Belgium, France and Spain are included.

To the inexperienced producer, COST€R offers a library of examples detailing how much recent productions made by COST€R partners have cost. Each of the examples includes a description of the circumstances of the production and a breakdown of the costs involved.

In addition COST€R offers you several customised services including a workshop on issues to do with budgeting multimedia productions.

COST€R was originally the output from the COST€R project. Read more about this project here.

» Now freely available: COST€R Tool 2.6 Lite