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Bibliotheek met voorbeelden

Indien u niet zo ervaren bent als een producer, dan zal deze online bibliotheek u een idee geven over de verschillende types van multimedia producties die gebruikt worden in de onderwijs- en trainingssector van vandaag. Het zijn allen producties die gemaakt werden door de COST€R project partners en variëren van eenvoudige tot zeer complexe producties.

Hieronder vind je een korte beschrijving van alle voorbeelden. Kies hier de productie uit die het meest aansluit bij jouw voorstel. Je zal dan meer informatie vinden over het productieproces zelf en een overzicht krijgen van alle kosten die ermee gepaard zijn gegaan.

    Sample Description   Description of Media
  Evita is a videoconference from the Operating Room of Gasthuisberg University Hospital to Prague, produced by K.U.Leuven Faculty of Medicine (Prof. Nevelsteen) and AVDienst/eLINK   2-way transmission of video and sound via ISDN.
  Standalone course Meer is altijd beter (The more, the better) a comedy produced by ILT in Belgium in 2002 for teaching of Dutch as a second language.   An 80 minutes video of a theatre production accompanied by script of the production in booklet form.
  eProject tutorial a standalone self-training package made by ATiT in 2002 for the European Space Agency to teach newcomers how to use eProject, a project management tool.   A web-based tutorial with moving computer images and screen-shots and a voice-over explaining to novices how eProject works.
  Niet Vanzelfsprekend is a multiple media language learning programme, containing books, audio CDs and a video. The package can be used as a standalone material, or it can be used by teachers in classroom teaching.   A video (100 minutes) with 2 books and 2 audio CDs.
  Trapeze is web site with learning materials for school children aged 7 to 13. The site contains basic learning materials in maths, spelling, and sciences for about one month of distance learning.   A web site with interactive learning materials, containing text, audio, video, exercises, etc.
  FarmaDM is a stand-alone explanatory video based on stills, slides, grpahics and video to explain the basics of pharmaceutical data mining, produced in 2000 by ATiT.   Video (7 minutes) produced with power point slides, animated gifs, minimal amount of video and a voice over.
  A stand-alone multimedia database on MILE (multimedial interactive learning environment) produced by the KULeuven and used for teaching training purposes.   Videos of 5 lessons (285 minutes) and of interviews with teachers and pupils (95 minutes).
  This is a demonstration of LITORIM (Leuven Information Technology based Oral Rehabilitation by means of IMplants). It is meant for surgeons and specialists who want to know more about this technique.   The implants were demonstrated through means of a relay (50 minutes). There have also been made video recordings of the demonstration (15 minutes).
  Registration and relay of the inaugural lecture on feminist ethics and human conditions professor M. Walker gave for the Kardinaal Mercierchair.   The lecture has been relayed and recorded on video (73 minutes).